China wholesaler Portable Excavator Garden Tree Digger Pit Digger Shovel Hand-Held Digger for Garden Farm and Home pto shaft bush hog

Product Description

Products Description:

Products Description

Product Name

Power Planter Bulb Auger & Bedding Plant Tool Garden Auger Drill Earth Auger CHINAMFG Tools



Amperage Capacity

2 AH

Included Components

Battery, Charger, Auger, Rotoshovel, Operation Manual

Dimensions (Packaged)


Dimensions (Unit)


Weight (Packaged)


Weight (Unit)


             Product Warranty

1 Year Craftsmanship, Parts, and Battery


Heavy Duty Plastic, Steel, and Aluminum









Our handheld automatic shovel is a power tool for avid gardeners that will help them to make quick work of a tedious task in the backyard. The power tool is capable of quickly and efficiently CHINAMFG holds up to 10-inches in depth with a three-inch diameter that are perfect for planting seedlings. A powerful brushless motor within will do all the work and is rated to be three-times faster than a conventional shovel.


Robust and ready-made flower planting spiral drills and grass plug tools are designed to help you get the job done. With its drill flight and practical design, it is designed to meet your planting or excavation needs. Our screw drill can drill holes in hard soil and grass, making your work easier and the completion time shorter. Practical household tools: This electric spiral attachment is equipped with a specially designed spiral drill and CHINAMFG steel shaft, which is very suitable for mixing paint, CHINAMFG or fertilizer. This multi-faceted tool can also be used as a substitute for rear hole excavators, bulb planters and hole shovels. This compact screw drill is an ideal tool for homeowners and gardeners to help improve their homes and simplify their lives. Essential horticultural spiral drills: Use tools to easily dig turf, break hard soil and plant flowers. With its durable metal head, the tool can easily dig soil, clay, rock soil and sand. It is very suitable for planting small gardens. Planting plants, pulling out weeds, and breaking large pieces of soil are a must for anyone who likes to work in the garden. Hand tools: Our durable planting spiral drill is made of American-made steel and coated with smooth black enamel, suitable for most cordless or electric spiral drills. Tighten the screw drill chuck, fix the screw drill in place, and use it to grow flowers and vegetables to drill holes for fence posts, pipe work or anything else in the garden.

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About our companny:
Huishine PCBA company, established in 2017 at HangZhou City ZheJiang China, is a manufacturer engaged in the research,development, sales and service of household electronic appliances controllers.Huishine is a new high tech enterprise focus on PCB assembly of electric fireplace, electric heater, electric stove, mobile air conditioner, water cooling fan, intelligent fan and multifunctional heating table as well as the wireless intelligent electric control boards with Wi-Fi and remote upgrade service.

Production process:

Developing Process:


Q: What service do you have?
We provide turnkey solution including RD, PCB fabrication, SMT, final assembly and testing.

Q: Are you factory or trade company?
Huishine is a PCBA manufacturer located in HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province, China.

Q: What are the main products of your PCBA services?

Our PCBA services are mainly for the smart cooling, intelligent heating and kitchen appliances etc.

Q: How do you ensure my files safety?

We are willing to CHINAMFG NDA effect by customer side local law and promising to keep customers data in high confidential level. Alldocuments from customers are never shared with any third parties.
Q: What’s your minimum of quantity (MOQ)?
No, we do not have MOQ requirement, we can support your projects starting from prototypes to mass productions.
Q: Can we inspect quality during production?
Yes, we are open and transparent on each production process with nothing to hide. We welcome customer inspect our production process.
Q: What is needed for PCBA quotation?
A: Please provide Quantity, BOM list, pick and place file, Gerber file and specification like material, surface finish treatment,
copper thickness, board thickness, soldermask color and silkscreen color BOM list, pick and place file and other special specs.If you need turnkey service include programming and functional testing etc, kindly contact us for more details.
Q: What is your testing policy and how you control the quality?
We strictly adhere to AQL standards. There is automated optical inspection (AOI) for each batch, X-ray inspection for BGA parts,first article inspection (FAI) before mass production.

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Structure: Double-Sided Rigid PCB
Dielectric: FR-4
Material: Polyester Glass Fiber Mat Laminate
Application: Consumer Electronics
Flame Retardant Properties: HB
Processing Technology: Electrolytic Foil
US$ 100/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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post hole digger

How does a post hole digger ensure precise and consistent hole depths?

A post hole digger incorporates various features and techniques to ensure precise and consistent hole depths. These elements help operators achieve the desired depth for each hole in a reliable and efficient manner. Here are some ways in which a post hole digger accomplishes this:

  1. Depth Markings: Many post hole diggers have depth markings on the auger or handles. These markings indicate the depth of the hole as the digger penetrates the ground. Operators can visually reference these markings to monitor the depth and ensure consistency across multiple holes.
  2. Adjustable Depth Settings: Some post hole diggers offer adjustable depth settings, allowing operators to pre-set the desired depth before digging. These settings can be easily adjusted using mechanisms such as locking pins or height-adjustable handles. By setting the depth beforehand, operators can ensure that each hole reaches the desired depth consistently.
  3. Stabilizing Mechanisms: Post hole diggers often feature stabilizing mechanisms or components to maintain stability and prevent excessive digging beyond the desired depth. These mechanisms can include stabilizer bars, braces, or flanges. They help control the downward movement of the digger and ensure that the hole depth remains consistent throughout the digging process.
  4. Operator Control and Technique: The operator plays a crucial role in achieving precise and consistent hole depths. With experience, operators learn to control the digger’s downward pressure, speed, and angle to maintain a consistent digging depth. They can adjust the technique based on the soil conditions, resistance encountered, and the depth markings or settings on the digger.
  5. Monitoring and Adjustments: Throughout the digging process, operators closely monitor the depth and make necessary adjustments as required. If a hole is not reaching the desired depth, the operator can apply more downward pressure or adjust the angle of the digger. By actively monitoring and making adjustments, operators ensure that each hole achieves the intended depth.
  6. Consistent Auger Design: The design of the auger itself contributes to achieving consistent hole depths. Augers are typically manufactured with uniform blade lengths and spacing. This uniformity helps ensure that the digger cuts through the soil consistently, resulting in holes with consistent depths.

By incorporating depth markings, adjustable depth settings, stabilizing mechanisms, operator control and technique, monitoring, and consistent auger design, a post hole digger facilitates precise and consistent hole depths. These features and techniques work together to ensure that each hole meets the desired depth requirements, whether it’s for installing fence posts, structural supports, or other applications.

post hole digger

How do post hole diggers ensure controlled and precise digging in tight spaces?

Post hole diggers are equipped with various features and techniques to ensure controlled and precise digging in tight spaces. These elements allow users to navigate limited areas and maintain accuracy during the digging process. Here’s how post hole diggers achieve controlled and precise digging in tight spaces:

  1. Compact Design: Post hole diggers are designed to be compact and maneuverable. They typically have a narrow frame and a slim profile, allowing them to fit into tight spaces where larger machinery or tools may not have access. The compact design enables operators to position the digger accurately and maintain control while digging in confined areas.
  2. Shorter Shaft Length: Some post hole diggers feature shorter shaft lengths compared to standard models. The shorter shaft allows for better control and maneuverability in tight spaces. By reducing the overall length of the digger, operators can more easily navigate around obstacles and maintain precise digging movements without compromising stability.
  3. Adjustable Handle Positions: Many post hole diggers have adjustable handle positions. The handles can be repositioned or rotated to suit the operator’s preference and the specific requirements of the tight space. By adjusting the handle position, operators can maintain a comfortable grip and optimize control while working in confined areas.
  4. Operator Technique: The technique employed by the operator is crucial in achieving controlled and precise digging in tight spaces. Skilled operators can utilize specific techniques such as careful hand placement, controlled force application, and precise movements to navigate around obstacles and maintain accuracy. With practice and experience, operators can adapt their technique to the limitations of tight spaces, ensuring controlled and precise digging.
  5. Graduated Markings or Measurements: Some post hole diggers feature graduated markings or measurements on the shaft or handle. These markings serve as visual references for the operator, allowing them to monitor the depth and progress of the hole while working in tight spaces. By referring to the measurements, operators can ensure consistent and precise digging depths, even in limited areas.
  6. Manual Control: Manual post hole diggers offer a high level of manual control, which can be advantageous in tight spaces. By physically operating the digger and exerting force directly, operators have fine control over the speed, direction, and depth of the digging process. The ability to make subtle adjustments on the spot enables controlled and precise digging, particularly in areas where precision is critical.

Through their compact design, shorter shaft lengths, adjustable handle positions, emphasis on operator technique, graduated markings or measurements, and manual control, post hole diggers ensure controlled and precise digging in tight spaces. These features and techniques allow operators to navigate around obstacles, maintain accuracy, and achieve the desired hole dimensions even when working in confined areas.

post hole digger

How do post hole diggers handle variations in soil types and conditions?

Post hole diggers are designed to handle variations in soil types and conditions, allowing for effective hole digging across different terrains. Here’s how they address these variations:

  1. Blade Design: Post hole diggers typically feature blades or augers with different designs to accommodate various soil types. For example, some blades have pointed tips and aggressive cutting edges, which are suitable for penetrating hard or compacted soils. Other blades may have a more open design with wider spacing, allowing for easier soil removal in softer or looser soils.
  2. Auger Size: Post hole diggers come in different auger sizes, allowing for versatility in handling different soil conditions. Larger augers are suitable for digging in softer soils where more soil needs to be displaced, while smaller augers are better for compacted or rocky soils where more effort is required to penetrate the ground.
  3. Power Source: Motorized post hole diggers, such as gas-powered or electric-powered ones, provide additional power to handle variations in soil types and conditions. The increased torque and rotational force generated by the power source enable the auger blades to overcome resistance in challenging soils, including compacted soil, clay, or rocky terrain.
  4. Adjustable Depth: Some post hole diggers offer adjustable depth settings, allowing operators to dig holes of varying depths. This feature is particularly useful when encountering different soil layers or when specific hole depths are required for a particular application. Operators can easily adapt the depth setting to match the soil conditions they are working with.
  5. Operator Technique: The operator’s technique plays a significant role in handling variations in soil types and conditions. Experienced operators know how to adjust the pressure, angle, and rotational speed of the post hole digger based on the specific soil they are working with. They may modify their approach to account for variations in soil hardness, moisture content, or presence of rocks or roots.
  6. Additional Tools and Accessories: In some cases, additional tools and accessories can be used in conjunction with post hole diggers to address specific soil challenges. For example, soil auger extensions can be added to reach greater depths in deep or sandy soils. Soil loosening agents or water can be employed to soften or moisten the soil, making it easier to dig.

By incorporating these design features, adjusting settings, employing proper technique, and utilizing additional tools if necessary, post hole diggers can effectively handle variations in soil types and conditions. However, it’s important to note that extremely hard or rocky soils may still pose challenges even for post hole diggers. In such cases, alternative methods or specialized equipment may be required to complete the digging task successfully.

China wholesaler Portable Excavator Garden Tree Digger Pit Digger Shovel Hand-Held Digger for Garden Farm and Home   pto shaft bush hogChina wholesaler Portable Excavator Garden Tree Digger Pit Digger Shovel Hand-Held Digger for Garden Farm and Home   pto shaft bush hog
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