High-end sort of the large power series
The DID HI-PWR-SHK roller chains have thicker link plates than HI-PWR-S roller chains, and are the highest in tensile strength and allowable load amid general application chains, so currently being appropriate for low speed hefty duty transmission.
Proposed makes use of
?The HI-PWR-SHK roller chains are 25 percent higher in tensile strength and 50 percent higher in greatest allowable load than the regular roller chains, but considering that their weight is heavier, driving performance declines at higher speed. So, they’re suitable for hefty duty at low velocity applications.

Multilevel parking machines, pipe benders, building machines, etc.
Selection of chains
Choose a correct HI-PWR-SHK type chain depending on “Low-speed selection”
HI-PWR-SHK series is accessible in simplex.
Regular sprockets for multiplex chains can’t be made use of.
Connecting back links and offset backlinks
The top attribute in the HI-PWR-SHK roller chains is substantial optimum allowable load. Hence, interference-fitted connecting links (H connecting hyperlinks) with small strength degradation are used.
The connecting plate as well as the connecting pins are connected with spring pins. The tensile power of an H connecting hyperlink is equivalent to that with the chain, however the allowable load is relatively decrease than that from the chain.
HI-PWR-S kind roller chains don’t have any offset website link. Use an even amount of hyperlinks.
Never make the holes on the connecting plate more substantial and never ever make the pins thinner to facilitate the operate for fitting the pins into the connecting plate, since otherwise the fatigue power is going to be lowered.